If you have an upcoming photoshoot― whether it be a family session, engagement session, or one all by yourself― this will be extremely helpful for you. As a photographer of course I get a lot of clients asking me what they should wear for their photos. Thankfully my session options include multiple outfit choices so my clients get to bring more than one outfit and can choose what photos they like best based on what they wear. I think sometimes your clothing matters depending on the style that a particular photographer is going for. But I also think… these are Your photos!

Wondering what you should wear to your engagement session?

I think it’s best to stick to certain guidelines when choosing clothing. Of course I would never suggest that you rush out and buy an out of simply because you think it would be perfect for a photoshoot and nothing else. As Mary Kondo would say “if it doesn’t spark joy” then just say nah. I’m kidding, but still… I think it’s important to keep these 3 things in mind whenever deciding what you should wear for photos.

Do you look and feel comfortable?

I always tell my clients that I prefer they feel comfortable in whatever they are wearing when choosing what to wear for their photoshoot. The same way forced posing and fake smiles come off as ingenuine and cold in photos, so does the wrong attire. No one wants to look at their finished photos and feel like they don’t even see themselves. Sure it’ll be your face and whatever outfit you put on, but those clothes say nothing about you, which leads me to my next point.

Does this outfit choice show off your taste in clothing or your personality?

There’s some truth to you are what you wear. We’re able to express ourselves as individuals through almost every thing that we do. Our clothes can add a little bit of ‘extra’ if we want to dress up. At the same time they can show our mood if we choose to dress down. If you don’t feel like yourself in your outfit then you won’t appreciate your photos as much as you would had you been true to who you are. 

Are there any clashing colors, patterns or textures?

 Please don’t feel like you have to restrict yourself when it comes to wearing an outfit that you absolutely love. That being said, you should still be mindful about clashing colors or patterns. Some clothing can look too busy and just don’t make for a great overall picture. Try and limit yourself to 2-3 colors that compliment each other. Don’t wear plaid and polka dots! As a rule of thumb I tell my clients to choose an outfit that isn’t going to take too much attention from themselves. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Like I mentioned, these are just quidelines that I try to have clients stick to. Feel free to take or leave the advice according to what feels right to you. I’d love to hear about what you chose to wear to your photo session and how you decided on your clothes.

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