My love for weddings was ignited over 5 years ago. I was brand new to Houston, TX and had no family or friends to surround myself with. What I did have was a modest hobby and a starter camera. I’m an artist at heart so going back to what I know kept me sane. After infiltrating the local photography community I was hired to assist with capturing a wedding for the first time. Being in the midst of such a meaningful gathering just did it for me. I was able to be a part of each celebration in my own special way, all while stretching my art muscle and soothing a gaping void. From the tear-stained cheeks, scribbled vows, and warm embraces to the heartfelt toasts and mesmerizing line dances; I was hooked. And so it began. 

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There are literally no rules to this. Raw emotions and natural moments are what catch my eye. But I'm always down to recreate those images you're inspired by.

I prioritize real moments over trends