Are you down to your last days before the wedding? By now, you’ve already figured out the timeline and know exactly what to expect on the day of the wedding. But what’s missing? Here are a few last-minute ideas to keep in mind for your special day.

Make sure you eat

As silly as it sounds, sometimes the day gets so hectic that it’s easy to forget to grab something to eat. On such a busy day it’s best that you are prepared with the energy you’ll need to get through the entire wedding. Have a family member, a member of your wedding party, or your planner remind you to eat. Whether this is before you begin getting ready or while you are at the reception, you’re going to want to consume something for the day.

Stay hydrated!

Just like food your body is going to need proper hydration. The day moves by fairly quickly and there may not be many opportunities to have a drink of water. Dehydration is about the last thing you’re going to want to deal with on your wedding day. Make sure to have some water available as you were getting ready before the ceremony and don’t forget to drink something during the reception.

Get a piece of cake

I’ve been to quite a few weddings and oddly enough I’ve noticed that the bride and groom are sometimes the last to truly enjoy a slice of cake. Of course, there is that special cake cutting moment that they both share in front of all of their guests. However, that small piece may be the only part of the cake that they have. Definitely try to take a piece home for later.

Expect things to move fast

I’ve touched on how quickly things happen during a wedding day. All of the months of planning have come down to this extremely important day where you are expected to pack everything that you spent so much time preparing for into just a few hours. You are going to be pulled in several different directions for most of it. To be quite honest, I’ve never attended a wedding where everything went according to plan and that’s mostly because time seems to move rapidly.

Be flexible

Don’t stress if things don’t go according to schedule. Sometimes things come up that you forgot to plan for. As much as we think we can prepare down to the minute, sometimes things take longer than we expected. You should still try to create a timeline to help you stay on schedule. Make sure you get all the most important tasks out of the way as soon as you can. Hiring a wedding planner or day of coordinator is probably one of the best decisions that you can make if you’re concerned about sticking to a schedule. It’s their job to make sure that everything goes according to schedule.


It’s OK to be nervous. It’s understandable that you might not feel prepared for such a special moment that often comes once-in-a-lifetime. Remember that you are surrounded by loving and supportive friends and family members who want the best for you. Even though everyone is going to be looking at you (no pressure) not they are expecting entertainment or a performance. Everyone is there in support of your union So take a deep breath and meditate for a few moments if you can wait. Try your best to relax the day before and the morning of the big day.

Enjoy the experience

Don’t forget to take it all in. Keep in mind that especially if you have not hired a videographer once the day is done you will have to wait weeks for the photographs of the memories from your wedding day. Do your best to enjoy your wedding while you are completely in the moment. This way you won’t have to rely on the second hand memories or just memories from other people’s perspectives. Make the most of the day!

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