Picture this, you have a special event or a wedding coming up. You’re on the search for the perfect suit. By now, may have considered purchasing a regular one from a local suit company. Once you choose your suit, you realize that you’ll need alterations. Sure, you can just go with the standard cut, but if you want a great fit then alterations are inevitable.

Want a Custom Suit? Meet Legacy Lapels

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a charming couple who not only work in the wedding industry like me but also have several other successful businesses. Ramon and Denita Smothers are both very well-respected entrepreneurs who live right here in Houston Texas. I originally discovered them online while browsing Facebook, which led me to their podcast and websites. After learning a little bit about them and what they do, I found out that they have a thriving custom suit company.

The Legacy Lapel brand is based off a love of nonconformity and is all about empowering men through each and every suit they create. Not only will they empower men to live and create their legacy through one of a kind custom clothing. Their it is their mission to make a statement for you without you ever having to make a statement.

“We are the ONLY custom suit company that creates our suits with you in mind. Legacy Lapels wants to empower you through a fully custom garment that screams  confidence and swagger. We know the feeling a great suit brings and there is none other that compares to it.”

~ Ramon Smothers

How to Get Started

You will be amazed by the quality of the fabrics that you’ll find at Legacy Lapels. There are hundreds to choose from! You can either set up a consultation to go in the studio and view, or you can go online to place an order if you would prefer to shop from the comfort of your home. Once your order is placed you should expect your suit to be completed within 4-5 weeks. If you’re looking for a suit that you can wear with confidence, you should check them out. There studio can be found at 2007 Commerce St in Houston Tx 77002, if you’d like to schedule a fitting visit their website LegacyLapels.com an don’t forget to let them know I sent you.   

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