If you’re in any local Wedding related groups on Facebook you may have heard that all Noah’s Wedding Venues are set to close ASAP. What does that mean for clients who already booked? According to news reports and word from many disappointed clients, most won’t be seeing any of their money back. I ran across a bride who expected to have her wedding at one of their venues in less than a month and she had no idea what she was going to do.

It’s heart wrenching. It’s unfair. But after you get over all the sour feelings, you’re left with having to quickly find out what the answers are. When a company files for bankruptcy their first priority is not going to be returning money to everyone who has paid them for services that were never rendered. It’s harsh to hear, but it’s the truth. Many couples are resorting to filing disputes with their banks and credit card companies, or contacting their lawyers to take it to court.

After reading through post after post I saw that it was apparent that many couples don’t know that purchasing wedding insurance is an option. A lot didn’t even know that it was a thing. I wish I could go back and prepare them all for something like this to happen, but all I can do is help educate others from here on.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Like any other insurance it protects you and covers certain things that happen that are directly related to or that directly affect your wedding. You can select Liability or cancellation coverage. Usually liability coverage will handle things like injury or damage to property. 

Cancellation coverage will help with things like lost deposits or other expenses you might incur due to cancelling or postponing the wedding. It even cover issues with vendors who breech contract or go out of business. This is the main thing that so many wedding vendors are pushing couples to look into so that they can avoid going through their own Noah situation. 

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Ask each venue that you visit whether they offer it or not. You might score and book a venue that provides wedding insurance so you don’t have to purchase it elsewhere. Make sure you do your research. Contact wedding insurance companies and ask them to explain what things are covered. Make sure you completely understand what you’re getting so that you can have peace of mind. 

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