Are you considered postponing your wedding?

If you’ve been planning your wedding and expecting for the day to be within the next month or two (Spring 2020) you’re in for a ride. The reality is, due to the coronavirus, a lot of couples are having to make the tough decision to change their wedding date. If you’re going to be postponing your wedding, here are some things that you should do.

Contact your vendors ASAP

You’ll want to let your vendors know as soon as possible. The sooner you give them a heads up that you’re even thinking about changing your wedding date, the better chance they’ll have that future date available. Not only will you want to get each vendor on board with the date change, but you’ll also want to have a conversation about payment. A lot of vendors are being very understanding during this time and won’t add any additional fees if you postpone your wedding. However, there might be one that charges an additional fee in order to accommodate you and you’ll want to know that before moving forward with them.

Contact all your guests

Your guests most likely already have your wedding day marked on their calendars and have probably even put in a time off request with their employer. Time is on your side; they’ll probably be able to make the necessary arrangements to still attend your wedding as long as they have advance notice.

Create a Facebook post, send out an email, or mail additional updated invitations if needed. The sooner the better.

Enjoy your extended engagement

It’s a bummer to even consider postponing your wedding date. A lot of couple’s chooses a special date and it starts to mean something to you immediately. Having to watch that day come and go without enjoying your wedding isn’t ideal. Try to look at it from a different perspective. This unfortunate event gives you an opportunity to continue to enjoy your engagement or to begin to enjoy it if you haven’t been already. Things could be a lot worse and this might even be a blessing in disguise.

Rather elope?

If you know you are totally against changing your date, you can always elope. Obviously, this option comes with major changes and downgrades, but it can still have a beautiful outcome. Click here to read more.

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