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Congratulations! You’re engaged and probably at the very beginning of your wedding planning journey. If you’re searching for a stunning wedding venue in Houston, check out the following list of options that are sure to impress you. Do you love bright & airy or true-to-color photos? Even better! Either of these wedding venues checks off […]

The Best Wedding Venues in Houston

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Choose the best wedding venue for your photos

If you’re into classic, bright, true to color photos like I am, you’ll probably want to take some notes. Believe it or not, the wedding venue you choose is one of the main factors that helps to achieve those classic photos you’ve been dreaming up for your wedding album. Not only do I want to […]

How to Choose a Wedding Venue for the Best Photos

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Having a schedule for your wedding day is very important! When you have a schedule for the day, things will run a lot smoother. Everyone is on the same page when you have everything planned out. Your wedding day timeline eliminates so much stress. This is one of the main reasons I highly suggest that […]

Create A Timeline With Your Wedding Photographer

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What’s a First Look? Traditionally on a wedding day, the groom is not supposed to see the bride before the ceremony. Each of them stay in their own suites and get ready for the day with their side of the bridal party and family. With a first look, the couple is able to have a […]

3 Reasons To Do A First Look On Your Wedding Day

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Yes girl! You just got engaged, created a new Pinterest board just for the occasion, and you’re left thinking… what the hell do I do now? Of course you plan to call up all the family and immediately change your Facebook status. Don’t forget a quick pic of that RING! But now what? All the […]

I’m Engaged, Now What?

A couple having an engagement photo session

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