How to Choose a Wedding Venue for the Best Photos



How to Choose a Wedding Venue for the Best Photos

If you’re into classic, bright, true to color photos like I am, you’ll probably want to take some notes. Believe it or not, the wedding venue you choose is a major factor. Not only do I want to share over 30 wedding venue locations in Houston (and surrounding areas) that are perfect for bright clean photos, I’ve included some tips on what to look for in case neither of them suit you. Once you decide on the photography style that you really love and hopefully before you book your venue, make sure you pay attention to these things. Please don’t feel like you absolutely must follow these three suggestions to a T in order to get beautiful images. They just really help your photographer achieve those gorgeous wedding photos that we all drool over.

Your Venue’s Design

Choose a wedding venue with a lot of white or other neutral colors, both indoor and outdoor. All white venues are some of my favorite! Try to avoid any over powering accent colors like dark wood, black ceilings, all brick interior, etc. Dark surfaces absorb light and their color typically can’t be altered much when your photos are edited. Wedding venues with white walls create a natural reflector so that light bounces around which helps make your photos brighter.

Window Light Is Your Friend

Look around for large windows that allow natural light to come in. Artificial light or flash that your photographer carries can be used to accommodate a lack of natural light while indoors. Your photographer is going to have an eye for the most flattering lighting. If in doubt, they will probably be the first to suggest moving toward even the smallest area of window light when taking indoor photos. Otherwise, make the most of all the natural light available outside.

Avoid Busy Backgrounds

Pay attention to the surrounding property of your wedding venue choice. What you see is what you get. If you’re in love with beautiful bright wedding photos you’re sure to be as excited as your photographer to take photos outdoors. It’s so important to be aware of your surroundings at your venue so that the background of your wedding photos will be perfect.

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