Having a schedule for your wedding day is very important!

When you have a schedule for the day, things will run a lot smoother. Everyone is on the same page when you have everything planned out. Your wedding day timeline eliminates so much stress. This is one of the main reasons I highly suggest that my couples hire a wedding planner. They seriously take away the guess work and hold your hand through the entire process. Your wedding planner has the experience to educate and advise you both. Planners have tons of connections with some of the best wedding vendors in your area. Essentially, they act as the director of the entire production that is your wedding day.

Why do you need your photographer’s input?

Typically, you or your planner will create a complete schedule for your entire wedding day. It’s best practice to review everything with your photographer well before the big day.

  • they create a workflow to capture all the important photos throughout the day
  • they’ll give you a more accurate time frame for certain photos including couple’s portraits
  • if you have specific photo requests, they’ll know when they can fit them in

How your wedding photographer can help with your timeline

Having your timeline figured out in advance will give you a better idea of how much total time you’ll need your photographer on your wedding day. Your photographer will know when they’ll have the opportunity to take specific photos according to the day’s schedule. All experienced photographers already know how much time it will take them to do details, first look photos, group photos, etc. They’ll also make important suggestions if your needs don’t fully align with the timing that you’ve settled on. Again, you shouldn’t finalize your timeline without getting your photographer’s input just in case the schedule may need to be tweaked in order to give you the best outcome on your wedding day.

Want to see a sample wedding day timeline? Click here. Remember, your full day’s itinerary is going to be filled with each and every event that happens on your special day. This sample is just the bare bones of what a timeline will look like so you’ll notice it’s missing things like the bridal party photos or the bouquet toss those things are meant to be placed according to your preference.

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