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How to Avoid Extra Wedding Guests

There are a number of websites that you can use for your guests to RSVP to your wedding. For example: ZolaThe KnotWeddingWireMintedAppy Couple. Most websites give an option to add a plus one in an open field where guests can type in a name themselves. You can also send an invitation n the mailmwith this same option: write their name and add a line for their plus one.

Sometimes though, you may get a few guests that think you’d be okay with them adding an extra extra guest… or 2. *Cue anxiety* This gets really frustrating when you’re expecting a certain number of guests to arrive but more end up coming. Your guests probably aren’t thinking abou the change this makes to seating, catering, and table settings. Of course, you don’t want to come off rude but you may have to be direct and say something about it. Or you can avoid the conversation altogether if you can prevent it from happening in the first place.

Don’t Give Them an Option to Add Names

You may want to avoid sending an invitation that lists the guests name and gives a line for them to fill in their plus one. Some will see this as an opportunity to write in as many names as they can on that line. Instead, just put the guests name and “plus 1” to help eliminate the confusion.

Spell it Out For Them

Add a note on each invitation that clearly sets expectations to all your guests. For example,

We appreciate all of our friends and family who wish to be present on our wedding day. Please understand that we have limited seating and are only able to accommodate the guest plus one additional attendee.

Don’t Offer a Plus 1

Consider inviting a specific number of guests to the ceremony only. Some friends and family would love to be there to celebrate you both. But if you’re not prepared for the guest it’s hard to be flexible, so don’t extend the courtesy to bring a plus one (outside of spouses).

Let everyone know that only a specific number of guests are allowed to attend the wedding. Explain that the guest list is limited to the amount of people the venue can accomodate. Unfortunately no additional guests will be able to attend. if an additional guests want to show up then they are more than welcome to come to a next day brunch, if you have one. Otherwise, your family and friends should be understanding and most excited to simply be invited.

Help a Couple Out

What are some ideas that you’ve tried that might help other brides and grooms to-be limit additional weddings guests? Feel free to share.

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